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Money in your account in the same day and 30 days to search for a suitable car.

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Monthly payment
Mogo car loan

Mogo car loan

Mogo car loan is a loan that allows you to purchase up to EUR 15,000 in any registered vehicle, including a moped, motorcycle, light truck or trailer.

No collateral is required to obtain a loan and the vehicle remains in the borrower's name.

Get your money today and find a suitable car within 30 days.

The interest rate is 1.75% per month on the car loan.

Mogo car loan can be applied for by at least an 18-year old person working in Estonia or abroad who is not going to turn 75 before the time of repaying.

Application process

Four easy steps to enjoy your new ride!

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Why a car loan?

Why a car loan?

We always offer the best loan terms:

  • Processing the application and making an offer within 1 hour
  • Everyone, who has reached the age of 18 and have not reached the age of 75 by the end of the loan period can apply for the loan
  • Low-interest rate starting from 1.75% monthly
  • No additional documentation or Kasko insurance needed
  • The vehicle is allowed to be used within the EU
  • The loan will be transferred to your account immediately after signing the Agreement

Apply for a car loan without leaving home!

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