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Mogo - car owner’s financial partner


Mogo OÜ is a part of Eleving Group established in 2013 - the leading provider of the vehicle-based credit solutions in the region. Mogo OÜ has got a creditor's activity license issued by the Financial Inspection for giving out consumer credit.


Eleving Group has financed the purchase of vehicles since 2012, in the amount of …



Mogo's mission is to be the vehicle owner's preferred financial partner by offering flexible asset-based credit solutions. Our goal is to create long-term cooperations through the best customer service as well as transparent, fast and flexible service. At the same time, we highly appreciate any suggestions and feedback that can help us make our services and services even better.

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Financial services can involve risks and obligations, so we recommend that you carefully consider the need for the service. For example, a loan for the amount of 4,500 euros for 5 years with an interest rate of 1.99% and a credit cost rate of 26.68%, a monthly loan repayment will be 129.14 euros and a total loan repayment will be 7748.56 euros. The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms offered to you depending on your application details.

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