Car buying portal


Car buying portal

Looking for a New Car?

Are you on the hunt for a new car or interested in what's happening in the car market? The brand-new car buying portal is ready and waiting to be explored. does things differently – the portal's aim is to mediate offers from companies operating in Estonia engaged in vehicle sales.

Find the Perfect Vehicle for You

On the website, everyone can find the right offer for them, regardless of the purpose of purchasing the vehicle. Whether it's buying a car in need of care for the purpose of repair, acquiring a lightly used car for everyday use, or something completely different!

Are You a Car Sales Representative?

If you represent a company engaged in car sales, be sure to contact and find the right solution for presenting your vehicles on the Easycar page!

Need Financing?

Found the right car on the Easycar page, but short on funds? In addition to a wide selection of various vehicles, you can also find Mogo loan products on the site.

Quick and Easy Loan Application

The loan application process is very simple and quick. Each car sale advertisement has a four-step loan application form, which is very convenient and only takes a few minutes. Submit your application and explore the possibilities offered to you – the application is not binding and does not impose any financial obligations on you. We offer both partial and full car financing.

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