What vehicle are you driving in the summer?


What vehicle are you driving in the summer?

Good news! Before the start of summer, we have expanded our vehicle-based credit solutions offering to various vehicles. Whether you want to meet the summer with a car, motorcycle, ATV, moped car, motorboat, or even a caravan – we help finance your desires! We are a flexible financial partner for vehicle owners – we offer special loans for agricultural machinery, tractors, trailers, and the like. Contact us and we will find a solution.

TIP: Fill out the application and find out first how much we can finance your vehicle purchase and only then start looking for a vehicle in the corresponding price range. Submitting an application takes only a few minutes!

Start filling out the loan application


  • loan up to 15,000 EUR
  • maximum repayment period of 48 months

  • the applicant is at least 18 years old, working in Estonia or abroad

  • the applicant has not reached the age of 75 at the time of loan repayment

Our advantages:

  • down payment from 0

  • interest is calculated on your loan balance

  • loan principal reduction free of charge

  • early repayment of the loan free of charge