Mogo Vehicle Loan for Financing Your Dream Vehicle


Mogo Vehicle Loan for Financing Your Dream Vehicle

Are you planning to buy a new vehicle but short on funds? With Mogo's vehicle loan, you can acquire a vehicle worth up to 15,000 Euros. Whether it's a motorcycle, ATV, moped car, motorboat, or a motorhome – we are here to help finance your desires! The application process is simple and the vehicle becomes yours after the purchase.

How to Apply for a Mogo Vehicle Loan?

  1. Submit a loan application. Apply and wait for the answer.
  2. You will receive an offer. If the decision is positive, you can review the loan amount, period, and terms we offer for purchasing a vehicle.
  3. Sign a contract. Familiarize yourself with Mogo's offer and payment schedule and sign a contract.
  4. Formalize the purchase of the vehicle. After receiving the loan money, formalize the purchase of the vehicle within 30 days.


  • Unsecured loan up to 15,000 EUR
  • Maximum repayment period of 72 months
  • The applicant is a person working in Estonia or abroad, aged 18 or older

Why Choose Mogo Vehicle Loan?

  • No down payment
  • Get money today and have 30 days to find a vehicle
  • Vehicle immediately in your name
  • Early repayment of the loan without additional fee
  • Fixed monthly payment, not dependent on Euribor

Mogo's vehicle loan helps you make the dream of a new vehicle a reality without having to worry about complex financing. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the Mogo vehicle loan and apply for a loan today – you can go through the entire application process conveniently without leaving home.

More information about Mogo vehicle loan can be found here.