Dreaming of a special vehicle to enjoy the summer with?


Dreaming of a special vehicle to enjoy the summer with?

Dreaming of a special vehicle to enjoy the summer with? Make your summer unique with a special vehicle. With Mogo's special vehicle-focused loan, you can purchase a vehicle up to 15,000 euros. Whether it's a motorcycle, ATV, moped car, motorboat, or even a caravan – we can help finance your desires! Get your loan money and purchase the right vehicle within 30 days. Applying is easy, and the vehicle is yours after purchasing.

Can't find the right vehicle yet? Below, you can find our great partners who have a wide selection of different vehicles and who are happy to help you find the right vehicle.

Our Partners

Be sure to also check out the offers from our partners; you might find the vehicle you desire from them.

  • AutoFrend www.motokaubad.ee
    • New motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds
    • Other motor goods and accessories
    • Factory warranty on machines according to the manufacturer for 2-3 years
  • A Autod & Haagised www.aautod.ee
    • Cars, caravans, and trailer caravans
    • Price range 2000-25000 EUR
    • Trailer and caravan parts; installation of parts including solar panels, hot water boilers, etc.
  • Mopeedautod OÜ www.mopeedautod.eu
    • New and used moped cars directly from importers
    • Price range 3500-8900 EUR
    • 2-year warranty without mileage limitation for new Aixam moped cars
    • 3-month warranty for used cars
    • High-quality A-category spare parts for all moped car brands and models
  • Haagissuvilad www.haagissuvilad.com
    • Caravan sales and rent
    • Price range 6500-10000 EUR

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