All you need to know about Mogo's unsecured car loan


All you need to know about Mogo's unsecured car loan

Mogo's unsecured car loan is our newest product and has instantly become very popular among clients. The main advantage of this product – the borrower is the vehicle owner, meaning less time is needed from application to transaction. Besides a faster loan transaction, the borrower doesn't have to rush to buy the car. Once the loan is received, the borrower has 30 days to purchase the car.

How does the process work in detail?

  1. Submit Application: Go to our homepage at and start filling out the loan application, entering all necessary details
  2. Offer: Once the application is approved, you will receive an offer with details about the repayable amount, period, and terms
  3. Sign Contract: Review the offer and payment schedule, and sign the contract
  4. Get Money: The loan will be transferred to your account immediately after signing the contract
  5. Inform Us About Vehicle Purchase: You have 30 days to find the suitable car. Once purchased, send us a picture of the car's technical passport

Why choose an unsecured car loan from Mogo?

  • Application processing and offer within 1 hour
  • Interest calculated on your outstanding loan balance
  • Reducing the principal amount at no extra charge
  • Prepaying the loan without extra charge
  • Loans can be applied for by anyone who is at least 18 years old and not older than 75 years by the end of the loan term
  • 30 days to search for the right vehicle

Apply for an unsecured car loan without leaving home!