How to successfully complete the loan application process on Mogo's website?


How to successfully complete the loan application process on Mogo's website?

How to successfully complete the loan application process on Mogo's website? If you dream of a new car but lack the funds, or if your dreams require extra money, then fill out the loan application form with us. Customer convenience is very important to us at Mogo. We have made the application process as simple as possible - it only takes a few minutes. In order for us to immediately send you the necessary information, we go through the entire application process together.

Let's get started! Go to and choose whether you want to apply for a car loan or a loan with a vehicle as collateral.

Using the loan calculator on the next page, select the desired amount, loan period length, and add your contact information. Before giving consent to the processing of personal data, be sure to read the terms and conditions on the "Read more" page. Then submit the application and continue filling out the information.

Complete the application process in four simple steps: Choose Smart-ID or Mobile-ID for identification. To expedite the application process, we also offer options to continue without identification.

Enter your personal information. Select your address from the drop-down menu by choosing your place of residence. You can add your address by starting to type.

As the next step, it is important to know your average income and expenses for the last three months.

"Income" refers to net income including regular income such as salary, allowances, etc. "Obligations" include loans, leases, and alimony, as well as other financial obligations. "Household expenses" include utility bills, communication costs, insurance, food expenses, and other regular expenses. If you want to know how much loan amount we can offer you, choose "I'm still looking for a suitable vehicle." If you have already found a vehicle, add the sales ad link or registration number.

Next, read the following conditions and, if you agree to all of them, click "Confirm all." Leave unchecked any boxes with which you do not agree.

Now your loan application has been submitted. We recommend adding your bank statement immediately, as this will speed up the process even more. The most convenient and fastest way to do this is through online banking, but you can also upload a PDF or dicidoc file of the statement.

You have successfully completed the loan process!šŸŽ‰ Our loan specialist will contact you within 15 minutes. If the loan decision is positive, the contract can be signed electronically or at Mogo's offices in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu.

Start filling out the loan application.