Solutions for payment difficulties


Solutions for payment difficulties

The deepening energy and economic crisis is leading to a situation where many may face difficulties in repaying obligations or bills. Understandably, payment difficulties may unexpectedly strike anyone during the current economic downturn, and finding solutions in this situation may seem complicated or impossible. If the payment difficulty has arisen due to loan obligations, it is advisable to contact the lender first to find a solution to the situation. The quicker you react, the greater the chance of reaching an agreement that is suitable for both parties. We can also offer personalized solutions at Mogo to overcome payment difficulties. It is very important to inform us of your concern early and not to wait for a notice of debt. We want to be there for our clients even during difficult times, and we are interested in our clients being able to fulfill their obligations. If you have difficulties in repaying the loan, we offer you various solutions. Explore the options below:

How can we help you with payment difficulties?

Extending the Contract Deadline

Extending the loan period helps if incomes have permanently decreased. This way, the monthly loan payment amounts become smaller, but it will take longer to repay the loan. Contact us, and let's discuss together whether this solution would help you. If your repayment deadline is already very long, the monthly payment reduction may not be significant.

Creating a Flexible Payment Schedule

We will review your current situation, and in most cases, we can agree on a new payment date or change the contract terms.

Payment Holiday

During this time, the principal payments of the contract are suspended, and only interest payments have to be made. We will review payment holiday requests individually, and the final decision will be made taking all circumstances into consideration. During the payment holiday, it is very important to actively seek solutions to start paying the loan payments in full again.

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